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Six weeks to Sorted!

So Christmas is coming (no surprise),?and you’ll ‘down tools’ over the festive period for a well earned rest because running your own business can be exhausting when you also think about everything else you need to do at the same time. January will roll in, time to do some business planning, think about what you want to achieve/change/grow over the coming year. Ease yourself into the new year slowly -?it might usually a quiet time of year for you -?set your goals, work out an action plan, research how to do the things you haven’t yet mastered and before you know it the month has gone.


Hit the ground running in January, safe in the knowledge you did a mighty fine job of getting your business in order before the Christmas break. Over a SIX WEEK period I will work with you to:

  • – Pinpoint the areas of?your business you should focus on
  • – Work out all the things you need to move forward with and set an action plan
  • – Brainstorm new ideas, finding ways of earning more and working less
  • – Discover how to make your processes smoother and quicker
  • – Show you how to use the technology that baffles you?(handholding optional!)
  • – Tackle your to-do list of things you never get round to
  • – Actually get stuff done by helping out where I can
We start off with a 2 hour session,?followed a weekly catch up, with actions to be completed in between.? If you sign up by?27th October you will also?have the bonus of?unlimited email Q&A during the 6 weeks, send me all your business questions and I’ll tell you my thoughts, PLUS a follow up session in January FREE so we can check you are on track.

Bookings close Monday 2nd November and we can start that week. You?must commence your six weeks?by Friday 13th November,?to get it all in before we stop for Christmas.

It is important that you are willing to take on board and implement the suggestions and actions that come up. We are fitting this into a set timeframe, and will need to work intensively to progress through everything. I advise you will need around 3 hours per week, however if you prefer to work at a slower pace or are not ready to make changes to your business right now, perhaps my monthly mentoring would be more suitable.
I know, I know, you want to find out how much it is.
This package is usually ?399. BUT… for this final one of the year it is only open to my networking contacts, and with a 25% discount (happy early Christmas!) meaning you can get your business sorted in six weeks for ?299.?
You also get the added benefit of me most likely already knowing some information about you and your business, so we can get down to work straight away, cutting out the ‘getting to know you’ stage of the first session!
(Technically 25% off brings it to ?299.25 but I do like a nice round number!)
If you think this is what you need, drop me an email and let’s set up a call to discuss if this is right for you and your business. You’ll be pleased to know that if it isn’t, I won’t take your money.

Six weeks to sorted