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Need an assistant?

Do what you?re great at

To run a truly successful business you need to love what you do. Doing what you?re great at is at the very heart of your business and we know that doesn?t always include all the administration! Whether your talent is design, product innovation, customer service or sales then?I know that?s what you want to be spending your time doing.

Sometimes it can be far more effective for your business if you focus on what you do well and let someone who happens to be great at administrative support run that side of the office for you.?I truly enjoy helping you to get organised, love managing your meetings, ?keeping on top of your paperwork, and getting to grips with your diary and this means that whilst you are busy doing the work you love you know that your business will be kept running smoothly behind the scenes.

All round Administration Support

At Synergy Business Support we offer more than just the average administration support. This means that although we provide the more traditional PA services, we can also do far more for you than simply typing up notes and organising your paperwork. We really understand all the systems that you need to keep a small business running efficiently and can provide the appropriate administrative support that you need.

We can help you manage your website and keep it up to date, we?ll get your emails organised and in order and we can help you create and use effective and engaging social media. ?We like to think of ourselves as admin all-rounders so whatever area you need help in talk to us about what we can do for you.

We understand your business

We believe that to offer great administrative support we really need to get to know your business. This means that we can gain a real insight into what your business needs to succeed and give you advice and support on the administration systems that you need to put in place to reach your goals.

Our team have a wealth of experience in understanding how small businesses work and we can provide inspiration and support into the ways that you can streamline and improve your business processes. Either by providing training or regular administrative support we will work with you to help you achieve your business aims smoothly and successfully.

Some of the ways in which we can ‘do it for you’:

Virtual Assistant – All the benefits of having your own PA, without having to find the space for one in your office.

Personal Assistant – You do want someone working alongside you? We can visit in person too.

Social Media – Keep your pages active when you don’t have the time (or inclination!)

Improving Processes – Get processes running more quickly and smoothly with less time input.

Office Manager – Have someone take care of the many aspects to keeping your business running nicely.

Bookkeeping – Sit back and?let us?make sense of the numbers.

Invoicing and Credit Control?- Creating and sending your invoices and making sure the payments are coming in.

Marketing Assistant – All the things you know you should be doing to get your name out there, but never get round to.