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Business Bestie


Does your business need a best friend?

When you think of the ideal best friend, I should think that as well as being great to spend time with and chat to, you?d like to feel they are there to support you and guide you through tricky times. Someone who has your best interests at heart, and doesn?t want to see you make mistakes, so will do their best to advise you on what they can see from their perspective, knowing the best way to communicate with you so you pay attention. Being able to share how things are going, with no judgement.

This is exactly what I have created with the Business Bestie packages.

My style of working has always been ?like giving advice to a friend over a cuppa?, and Business Bestie expands on that by building an ongoing relationship, to get to know you and your business, the way you work, your stumbling blocks, but also your dreams and goals. Working together, we can then make those dreams a reality, with advice and actions that actually suit you, rather than being a generic ?formula for business success? that doesn?t take into account the fact you might not want to get up at 5am to do some work! Develop and improve your business in a way that feels right for you and what you need.

This business bestie will be on hand to bounce ideas around with, and help you see the bigger picture when you?re making decisions. There will be some straight talking, ?telling you like it is?, and pointing out the obvious to you, as sometimes in our businesses we can?t see things clearly as we?re so involved. But this is all done in a nice way, because I care about your business as much as you do, and I only have your best interests at heart, and don?t want to see you get hurt by anything that could have been avoided. I will be there to stop you from making costly mistakes. I want to see you succeed, so I?ll be your cheerleader encouraging you on through tough times, and I?ll also be on hand to help with the load, taking some tasks off your hands when needed, to shield you from overwhelm and burnout. I?ll be there whenever you need support in your business, to run something past me, answer questions, and give advice; or simply to moan to and unload about how things are going. But I will make sure you get back up and on the right path again.

So I?m looking for ladies who want a new best friend, specifically a business best friend, to laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate with you and share all the ups and downs of your business. A Business Bestie to be on hand, to make sure you are achieving everything you need to in your business to reach those dream and goals. And also, to help you work out what you need in the first place, as we don?t all have it sussed already. We can start with a big ?brain dump?, get it all out and pick through the priorities and then hit the ground running with a plan designed to work just for you. After all, no-one knows you like your bestie.

Carli holding a business bestie session

Like the sound of a Business Bestie?

Standard ? 3hr sessions for whenever you?re in need of support ? as and when you feel you need it, or you can book monthly or quarterly – ?150 per session.

Super ? 6hrs per quarter, ideal if you know you?d like regular contact. Either 2hrs monthly, or 3hrs every 6 weeks – ?230 per quarter.

Special ? The best business bestie experience! A quarterly session for business review and planning, an accountability meeting after six weeks, plus support and assistance to actually tackle the actions and get stuff done – ?315 per quarter.

Want to find out more? Think you?d like to go ahead? Let?s schedule a chat to make sure we?ll be a great match.