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Business Improvement

Sometimes when you run a business by yourself, you can only get so far before?feeling like?you need some support in order to continue moving forwards and keep on improving your business.

It might be that you want to know how to set up a particular tool that will make your business more efficient, like online booking or an email sign-up form, or have a fresh pair of eyes look over your processes to see where things could be improved in your business and save you time. A 2-hour business support session would be ideal for this, showing you and helping you to set up online tools, training you on something you’d like to?manage better, or discussing something specific you’d like to improve.

Perhaps you’re not sure what you want or need to improve, you just know that things could be better or that you could be spending less time on running your business. A little bit more time in the 3-hour business support session allows us to work out what you need, what you’d like to achieve with your business, and what improvements could be made to reach your goals and dreams. We can work out the steps needed for you to keep progressing even after the session finishes.

If you’re?looking to make business improvement one of your key activities, then the business development session is for you. We’ll have a call prior to the session to find out where your business is now, where you’d like to be, what changes you would like to make and how to make the business fit in with the lifestyle you would love (maybe you’d like to work less hours per day, or only on certain days). We can create a plan for the session, so we can hit the ground running?and make the most of the time. You might be asked to prepare some bits in advance, or to gather information we’ll need, to save time in the session. After the 3-hour session together, we will schedule in some actions for you and some time to follow up, so you will be held accountable for making the changes you committed to. This ensures you really do work on the things that will improve your business. You can also ask any questions that you thought of since the session, and I can give you some encouragement and motivation to keep on improving (or a friendly kick up the butt if you’ve not progressed as much as we’d like!).

You can book these sessions as a one-off, or as and when you feel you need them, or even as a monthly or quarterly booking if you want to ensure continuous improvement.

And if you really need a bit more support, there’s always the business manager service, where I’ll get more involved and take over some of the tasks for you so we can ensure that it just gets done.