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Business Management

Ever fancied having someone else to run the parts of your business that take up too much of your time? Maybe there are aspects you’re not that great at, or don’t particularly like, or you just know there’s a better way for things to be done and you simply want to have them over to someone who knows what they are doing.

When you run a small business and there’s only you to work on every aspect of keeping it running and growing, it’s hard work. The chances are you’ve been working it out as you go along, wondering if you’re doing it right, and it’s probably taking up more time that you want it to. You’ve dreamt of getting help, but don’t want to bring on board a partner as you don’t want to share what you have, and there’s not really enough work for an employee (plus you could carry on doing it yourself for free…).

You need a business manager. Someone who knows how to run and grow a small business like yours, and can make sure all the business functions are running smoothly without taking up your time.?Someone who will treat the success of your business like their own, not simply blindly do the job. Someone who can be as involved – or not – as you wish, and is on hand whenever you need a bit of extra help.

It’s great to have someone else to bounce ideas off, discuss plans and goals, work out actions with. A fresh pair of eyes on your business can help you see things from a different perspective and can?identify opportunities you might miss. An extra pair of hands in your business means you can focus on serving your clients, or maybe even take some time off!

I offer business management as either a monthly package if you are looking for regular?support on a weekly or monthly basis, or individual sessions as and when you need them.??You might?simply like to book a session when you feel you need it, or have something quarterly to review goals and actions, plan out your next steps for growing or refining your business, ask questions and get some fresh perspective on how your business is going.

Using a business management service doesn’t mean you’re handing your whole business over to someone else, but that you are easing the pressure on yourself when you need to.

The service can include any aspect of your business, and if you’re not sure what to ask for we can always work that out together. I have found that a mixture of working in person and remotely works perfectly well and maintains great communication whilst not taking up so much of your time.

Some of the tasks included usually cover office management, maintaining your online presence, email management, email marketing and event management.

It might be that you simply need an assistant to take over the more administrative aspects, rather than a business manager, and we can sort that out for you too.