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Diary Management

A full diary is the dream of most small business owners. Packed with appointments, networking meetings, and trade shows ? it?s a sure sign you?re doing well. However the dream can become a nightmare if you are spending of all your time trying to fit in appointments or you end up forgetting client meetings and juggling mountains of diary entries instead. The last thing you want is to turn up to an important meeting 10 minutes late without the paperwork that you need! We know that diary management is a vital part of your day but we also know that sometimes it?s the last thing you have time to do – as you are already so busy rushing from appointment to appointment.

That?s where we come in. Our diary management service will leave you cool, calm and collected and you?ll always be on time!

Online diary management from someone you trust

Our virtual assistants are the ideal solution to help you manage your busy diary. We?ll take away the stress and give you back the work/life balance that you long for.? Forget your bulging, overflowing paper diary (that?s so last century!) we?ll take everything online and manage your diary from a virtual calendar. We can schedule appointments and meetings either with direct access to your own online calendar or by scheduling it in for you. We can call clients to make appointments for you and even check your emails to deal with any online meeting requests. This means that you can get on with your work confident that your diary is being dealt with by one of our trustworthy team.

Everything you need – all in one place

Good diary management is not just about scheduling meetings there?s a lot more to it than that! It?s also about knowing what we call the 4 ?Ws? about each and every appointment that you have:

  • Where you are going
  • Why you are going
  • When you are going
  • What you need to take along with you

There?s nothing worse than being unprepared for your meetings, so we can provide daily and weekly reminders of what you will be doing and any paperwork or information that you need to take with you. We don?t want our clients feeling flustered so we can put in as much detail as you need to make your meetings as successful as possible. We can even help to arrange your travel for you so that getting to your meetings is easy and stress free too!

We?re with you virtually anywhere

With our virtual diary management systems we can be with you whenever you need us, not just in Hertfordshire. Whether your diary is already crammed full of appointments, or you are just starting out and you would like some training about the best way to manage your time we are here to help you. Knowing that your schedule is being looked after is the ultimate in peace of mind for the busy business owner and we will help to keep you and your business on track for success.