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Can you believe another school year is almost over? My #MumsTakeOnBusiness social media campaign also draws to a close at the end of the week, so I?ve chosen to reflect on my digital marketing journey over the past couple of months.

It?s only 8 weeks since I published my first blog post and filmed my first video. And yet here I am scrolling down my Facebook page reflecting on 10 blog posts, 10 videos, plus the 6 #BizTips4Mums clips that I filmed of other working mums. I?m so proud of all I have achieved over the last half term.


Voyage of Discovery

Some of you have journeyed with me from the beginning of the campaign, reading my first blog post and watching my first ever video. You?ll have seen the evolution of my videos as I have monitored the statistics and refined what I am doing. I have learnt that when it comes to video teasers for my blog posts, shorter is better, captions are desirable, humour is welcomed, and an early call to action helpful. Reading best practice advice has been helpful, but I have learnt most by actually doing it for myself.


Community Connections

Making the right connections when networking in person is really important and social media has proved no different in the virtual world. It?s great to have the support of engaged followers, who share and discuss my content. Not only is the support and encouragement they provide motivational, their interactions increase the reach of my content. I was lucky that my campaign coincided with a number of business expos this summer,?and I was also able to include some of my network in content creation for my #BizTips4Mums competition clips, which provided a wider variety of video content and further amplified my brand awareness campaign.


Behind the Scenes

I had so much fun participating in a video for Mikaela Morgan Photography, which was used to promote her business and shared as part of my brand awareness campaign. It?s much more professional than anything I have done to date, but shows what can be done with good lighting, makeup, music and a professional with a background story. Nevertheless it boosted my confidence in front of the camera and has also helped me improve my videos little by little.


The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

So what has all this content creation and social media activity done for my brand? Well on Twitter I have gained 195 new followers taking me over 1,000 followers. I can boast more retweets than tweets, so my content appears to be valued and has reached more than one million users (to be precise 1,316,654 users at time of writing). On Facebook I don?t have anywhere near the same reach, but during the campaign period over 10,000 people will have seen my posts through organic reach, and I?ve had over 2,500 video views! I haven?t quite reached my goal of 200 page likes yet, but there?s still 5 days to run, so fingers crossed. Although the number of page likes is relatively low, I have regularly have a high engagement rate amongst those followers and I would take that any day, over more page likes with a less engaged audience.


My 5 Digital Marketing Take-Aways

I hope this posts inspires you to have a go and I offer these five pieces of advice to get you started:

  1. Practice makes perfect – Don?t be afraid to get started
  2. Nothing ventured nothing gained – Mistakes are inevitable, so learn from them
  3. Dare to be different ? Be yourself not a clone of someone else
  4. Nothing is set in stone – recognise digital marketing trends are constantly changing, so you are free to experiment
  5. Stronger together ? collaborate with networking colleagues, clients or suppliers to increase reach and engagement


All my videos are available on my Facebook Page and YouTube channel and you can also catch up with all my previous blog posts.


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