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Email Management

Technology is a wonderful thing, and effective email management enables you to stay in touch with your customers at any time of the day. It also means that they can contact you at a time that is convenient to them. However many people find that these days it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails in your inbox. Inbox management can be time consuming and hard work. There are so many emails offering you things you don?t want that it can be easy to miss that all important email from a client – offering you something that you do want!? Our email management service will be your first line of defence against inbox burnout. We?ll manage your inbox, keep everything organised and running smoothly and you?ll never have to deal with those annoying junk emails again!

Email management for an organised inbox

Imagine coming back to your emails after a hard days work to find your inbox clear of spam, all your urgent emails dealt with and anything that you need to action filed neatly into the relevant folders ? wouldn?t that be great? Well that?s exactly what our inbox management team can do (I think I?ve mentioned before that we love being super organised!).

Using the power of technology we can access your inbox via webmail or outlook. If you prefer, we can even set up an email account for your emails to be diverted to so that we can monitor them for you. As we get to know your business we will effectively manage your emails to keep your inbox clear of junk. We can also file emails for you to action later and flag up or deal with anything urgent.

We?re always there (when you can?t be)

We don?t have a magic wand but we can help you to be in two places at once! When you?re attending an important client meeting or out and about selling your products you don?t want to have to worry about your emails piling up. Now you don?t have to as we?ll be there busy managing your inbox for you. Our email management will ensure that enquiries are responded to, meeting requests are noted and key actions for you are captured. We can reply to your emails for you either from your account or from another account we set up. We can even help you create standard response templates that we can use to reply so your emails will always be professional and impactful. When you use our inbox management service you can be confident in the knowledge that your customers will always receive the very best service even when you can?t be there yourself.

Your daily ?to do? list

When faced with a full inbox it can be hard to know what to do next ? sometimes you don?t even know where to start! But don?t worry, take a deep breath, sit down and let us take on your inbox management. We?ll compile a daily ?to do? list with a summary of all your emails and any actions that you need to take. Our email management team can provide you with a detailed list of what you need to action, meetings that have been set up and any responses that have been sent so you?ll always be on the ball. So no more staying up until 1am dealing with your inbox – we?ll have it all in hand for you.