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Office Management

Too busy to keep on top of all the tasks demanded of a small business owner, our office management service could be just what you need. If you feel like there’s always so much to get done, perhaps you could do with an Office Manager. You may not want, or need, someone to take this on full time, that’s why we recommend a regular weekly or monthly slot to help keep on top of things.

We can work with you to set up administration and finance processes and procedures, so that there is no time wasted?with inefficient systems. If you already have these systems in place, they may not have adapted over time with the growth of your business.?We can help streamline this to be more manageable, resulting in less time spent on the administration.

Your business may have expanded rapidly, leaving you little time to concentrate on the admin and more importantly the finances.?We can help you get back on top of your ?to do? list, get organised, and provide assistance whenever you are too busy.



Case Study -?Getting organised for growth

Angela Parry – Former Owner of Kent Geotechnics, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Launching a new business comes with the added pressure of having to manage a whole host of administrative jobs. Managing client work is one thing, but managing paperwork is another altogether! Not all business owners are cut out to be the Office Manager too.

Angela quickly discovered this as her soil testing business started to grow. Being specialists in their industry, Angela and her business partner saw a rapid growth in demand for their services. However, working flat out on client projects left them with a mountain of paperwork.

Reporting was taking too long. Invoices weren?t being sent. Payments weren?t being chased and so cash flow started to dry up.

Having neither the time nor the know-how to get on top of these tasks, Angela called Carli from Synergy Business Support in search of help.

Working on-site at the Kent Geotechnics office, Carli was quickly able to understand the workings of this specialist business and introduce new processes to clear the backlog of paperwork and invoicing. The impact of her expert organisation was dramatic.

Cash flow improved significantly, allowing Carli to plan marketing activity and generate new business for Angela and her team. With a healthy amount of new clients to service, the business employed extra staff and moved to larger premises. Angela was able to focus her time and expertise on client work, confidently leaving Carli to manage the rest.

She says, ?Carli completely embraced the role of Office Manager, implemented admin and finance systems, ensured invoices were paid, took sole charge of the bookkeeping, marketing and HR and also found time to be a PA! Without her I would never have been able to grow my company at the rate we did.?

Going from strength to strength with a business that was in tip top shape and had become a key player in its industry enabled Angela and her business partner to accept a fantastic buy-out offer. She?s now retired and loves it!


To find out how SBS can help your business stay on top of its mountain, give us a call today.