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Online Business Manager

It?s a great feeling when you set up your own business. You?ve got the website, great marketing materials and of course a brilliant product and service?now you want to go out and sell it! But wait a minute, there?s all the admin to do, the bookkeeping, spreadsheets and all the behind the scenes critical functions that you need to make your business work. It?s all too easy to get bogged down by this and you end up spending less time actually doing the job that you set out to do. What you need is a manager but of course if you are working from home you might not have the space to take on another person, or you might not want to commit to a full time employee.?I think we have perfect solution with?my online business manager service.

An online business manager who?s on your team

Working for yourself is exciting but it can also be lonely. You have a great idea, but no one to share it with. You?ve just thought of an amazing new product, but who can take a look at the pros and cons with you? You?ll never be alone again with a business manager. I will always be at hand to provide a sounding board, someone to bounce ideas off or even a shoulder to cry on!

An online business manager is there to help you shoulder the strain and help you take back control over you work/life balance. I?ll share your dreams and help you achieve the business that you aspire to build.

I know your business like the back of?my hands

As you can imagine?I get to know the back of?my hands pretty well (what with all the typing?I do) and I?ll get to know all the ins and outs of your business too. This means that?I can run things for you with minimal input from you. As an?online business manager, I am self-sufficient, knowledgeable and?will work out what needs doing and when without having to be told what to do. Here are just some of the ways?I can help:

  • Work away in the background on a daily, weekly or monthly basis making sure everything is taken care of and up to date
  • Identify areas for growth or business development (I’m full of good ideas)
  • Manage specific areas of your business for you
  • Flag up issues or changes to systems that can be made

A business manager online or in person

One of the reasons people are turning to online business managers is that it means that they don?t have the expense and hassle of hiring work premises or buying expensive equipment such as computers or phones. That?s why working virtually with their business manager is the ideal solution for many small business owners. ?However?I also know that sometimes it?s nice to meet face to face and to get to know your business manager as a person too. That?s why?I?am happy to come and visit you for set sessions. This means?I really get to know you and you can also show?me your wonderful products and services so?I can get to know them too!