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Online Business Planning Course: ‘Less Stress, More Success’

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to change, implement and improve in your business, to constantly drive your business forwards towards your dream vision, smashing all your goals along the way. All with less stress, and more success. You’ll know exactly what that’s like when you complete this online course!

Is it time to re-evaluate your business?


Does it need tweaking to bring it back to life after a challenging year?

Maybe you’ve done ok this year, drifting along and trying to do all the things you think you should be doing. But there’s so many things, and the list keeps on growing. What to focus on first? You don’t want to spend your time or money on the wrong things.

Maybe you’ve just been keeping up with what you’ve always done, but know you need to make some improvements in your business. But what, and how, and when, and… and… it’s all too much so will you stay as you are, if it’s working for now?

Or maybe your business has changed and you know it’s time to make some new plans, find out where your business needs developing, and work out how to actually achieve the goals needed to make that happen.

Whatever stage of business you are at, it’s always the right time to start making some proper plans. 

If you are ready to get the support you need, to move your business forward, then sign up for my online business planning course, where we’ll work through everything you need to know.

Business Planning Course details

All content is online to work through at your own pace.


A workbook is provided, along with video content to support and inspire completion of the course. Each section has a video 10-20 minutes long where I will explain and guide you through completing each of the 11 sections. Total time required is approx 6 hours.

Sign up now for £59.

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What will we cover?

  • Learn which areas of your business need developing, and what is working well in your business.
  • Work out your vision for your business, and what you need to do to make that happen.
  • Understand what steps you need to take, to make improvements in your business.
  • Work out where you need to improve how you work.
  • Find out where to focus your time, so you get maximum impact.
  • Set goals to keep on track, and know what you are working towards and why.
  • Discover how to actually achieve the goals you set, every time.

What will you finish with?

  • A business health check showing how your business is performing in certain areas.
  • A review of your business.
  • A solid vision for your business, and knowing how that will guide your future plans and goals.
  • Clear direction for your business, which will help with decision making and cut procrastination.
  • An achievable plan, including a quarterly or monthly schedule, with the actual steps you need to take to make progress.
  • The feeling of knowing exactly what to work on, no more stressing about ‘all the things’.
  • Motivation to actually work on your goals and get stuff done.

Worried you’ll lose momentum afterwards?

When you finish full of motivation and direction, we want that to continue! Join my Facebook group for further support, where you can share your achievements, get accountability, and ask me questions. 

Still not sure?

This is for you if: You want to know exactly what to work on in your business to make improvements. You’re usually slack with planning and goal setting, drifting in your business and think there’s probably a better way to operate to get better results. You dread being asked “how’s business”? as you worry it’s not as good as it should be, and you could be doing more, if only you knew what. You want someone to walk you through what you need to do, and set out a plan with real achievable steps to take.

This is not for you if: You regularly set goals for your business and review them (and achieve them!), you know how much money you need to earn and how you’re going to achieve that, and when someone asks “how’s your business going”? you can honestly say it’s great and you’re doing your absolute best. However, you are still very welcome to join us – it wouldn’t hurt to go over some of the tasks in more detail.

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