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Time Management Support

When you manage your own business you often end up taking on all the roles in a company from CEO to tea lady!?I understand that this can be really overwhelming and it?s hard when you have no one to support you, offer advice or even make you a cuppa! It often feels like a race to get everything done and you might feel like you will never win. But don?t worry because I can make things better. Sometimes you just need a bit of help with your time management or your processes to help your business and life run more effectively – and?I have the ideal solution.

Working smarter?not harder

When there?s work to be done and not much time it?s tempting just to try and work harder. Rushing around, working late and spending your weekends finishing off projects is no one?s idea of fun and that?s why I am here to help.?I believe in working smarter ? not harder! I know that if you take the time to manage your processes, understand the ways that you can work more efficiently and look at effective outsourcing of your workload it can make a positive difference to both your business and your lifestyle. Positive time management means a more successful business and a better work/life balance for you.

Time management support from?someone who cares

What makes me different is that?I really care about your business. Your success makes?me happy (and?I love being happy!) so I?ll do all that?I can to help you on your way. Here are some of the ways that?I can help your business work better:

Business manager service

Sometimes you just want to get on and do the work you love and that doesn?t always mean the paperwork, admin or processes. There are so many different areas that you need to get right to run a small company properly so think of?a business manager as your office team all wrapped up in one wonderful person! A business manager will help you with the ongoing operations but can also take on larger projects, help manage your finances, support you with time management and provide inspiration and ideas for how to make your business work better.

Training support

I?know that often small business owners might prefer to do certain elements of the job themselves ? but they just don?t know how! In these cases?I can provide training and support on business processes and operations, systems organisation and?time management, as well as on specific topics such as social media. In?my training sessions you?ll have?my 1:1 attention so you can ask all the questions you like and I?ll support you until you feel fully confident to go it alone.

Business consultancy

To be honest?I don?t really like word consultancy as to?me it conjures up images of men in suits talking in business jargon that no one actually understands! Rest assured that?s not how my consultancy service works. With?me you will get a friendly and helpful face who works with you to find positive solutions to any issues that you may have with your business.?I won?t turn up and start telling you what to do based on a single system I’ve developed. Instead I?ll listen to you, find out about how you work and provide gentle support and guidance on how you can streamline your systems or work in a more productive way, that suits you.

With?my help you?ll never struggle with time management or feeling disorganised again. You?ll feel calm and in control knowing that I’m?behind you and your business all the way!