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Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant?Hertfordshire, England or anywhere in the world!

Have you ever wished you had your own PA? Wouldn?t it be great if you had an extra pair of hands, someone to take on your administration work and deal with all the jobs that you just never seem to find the time to do? Well, we can make your dreams come true with a virtual administrative assistant or VA. The beauty of working with a virtual assistant is that they work remotely so, although the majority of our clients are based in Hertfordshire in theory they can work with you anywhere and everywhere.

With you at the touch of a button

To be in touch with your very own professional, experienced virtual administrative assistant all you need to do is turn on your computer or pick up your phone. Just think of us as your instant virtual assistant. We provide support to a number of clients and can take on all the tasks that you would normally associate with having your very own office manager or PA. Using all the latest technology we can manage your emails, share and create documents and even hold online meetings ? all without ever leaving our desks (aren?t we clever!).

More than just a virtual administrative assistant

All of our experienced assistants understand exactly what being a small business owner entails. This means that we are perfectly placed to provide more than your everyday virtual assistant. Here are just a few of the things we can help you out with:

  • Document creation, proof reading (and sense checking!) and formatting to look great
  • Tackling spreadsheets to make them work for you with minimal input from you
  • Keep up with your clients and contacts, set up and maintain a useful CRM system
  • Manage your diary or emails, ensuring you don’t miss a thing
  • Create super social media pages for you and manage them too
  • Help you to write marvellous marketing materials and create powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • We can even balance your books with our bookkeeping service

And, because our virtual assistants are all local to Hertfordshire, if you need someone to come and help in person we can do that too. In fact you could say that we can do virtually anything!

Why going virtual is the future for small businesses

We know that there are an increasing number of small businesses in Herts area and we understand that whilst you need help you don?t always want the commitment of employing someone full time. That?s why our virtual assistants are available on a regular or ad-hoc basis. You might want help with a one off project or to hire a regular administrative assistant. Either way we can help! Outsourcing your administrative servcies means you will save on the cost of employing someone full time and there?s no getting het up about holiday pay or stressing about salaries – you only pay for us when you need us.

We also know that lots of small businesses work from home or only have limited space on their premises and so for them having an assistant who works remotely is ideal as there is no need to buy expensive equipment or pay for more office space. So why not look to the future and find out more about our virtual assistants, Hertfordshire businesses tell us that they have really benefited from working with us and we know that you can too.