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The wonders of working from home!

Many people aspire to having the freedom of working from home, and in fact many of my clients tell me that it is this flexibility that inspired them to start their own business, especially once they?d had children.

When you thought about what it would like to be your own boss you might have imagined the luxury of working from bed in your pyjamas, or being able to keep the house immaculate at the same time as making your millions – but what is the reality of running a business from home really like?

In this blog, I explain the benefits and in the next one you can find out how to overcome any issues with working at home.

Let?s take a look at some of the reasons why it?s great to work from home:


Flexibility for your family

When you?re young, free and single it feels like you have all the time in the world to focus on your work. However once children come on the scene, suddenly your time seems to be taken up with a million and one other things to do and you can often feel like you are being stretched many ways. You might also be one of the ?sandwich generation? of women who are not only looking after children but supporting elderly relatives too.

Most of us who have worked in an office know how hard it is to try and get time off the in school holidays, and it?s horrible feeling guilty about asking for a morning off to watch sports day or needing to take a last minute sick-day if your little one is poorly. Maybe you need to be on standby for a poorly parent or elderly relative, and need to be able to drop your work when you get a call.

Running your business from home means it?s easier to fit bits of work in when you can, to make up for this lost time if needed.

Working from home can give you a wonderful level of flexibility that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.


Structure your days your way

Because you are at home you can plan your day in the way that suits you and your working style. If you are great in the mornings you can get up early and put in a couple of hours work before the school run, or if you need time off to check on a relative or go to a doctor?s appointment you can simply make up the hours in the evening.

It also means that home life can run that little bit more smoothly as you are able pop some washing in the machine between calls, be in for deliveries and nip out to the shops for last minute groceries.

I work in between the school runs, and then again after the children?s bedtime if I need to. My office is ?open? whenever I need it to be.

The work life balance benefits that working from home allows you and your family are really worthwhile and can take a great deal of strain from your shoulders.


Save time and money

Being based at home for your work can also help to save you time and money ? hooray!

Commuting can be both stressful and time consuming. Trains that don?t come due to the wrong type of rain and motorways that move at the pace of a tired snail can make us feel tense before we even get to work. The average UK commute is around 40 minutes each way so just imagine how much extra time you are getting! You could use that time for something much more worthwhile.

Travelling to your place of work also costs money and train fares and petrol prices can take up a large part of your budget. Another consideration is the costs of childcare. Before and after school clubs are expensive so being able to do the school runs yourself, or have your children at home while you work can also save you quite a bit of money.

Having your workspace at home also means you don?t need to pay out to lease an office or workshop.

All this means that working from home is really cost effective and any initial reduction in income you may face when you run your own business is often balanced out by the reduction in childcare and travel costs!


Be healthier

Working from home doesn?t mean being stuck inside, so you can make use of the sunny days (when we get some) and work from the garden getting plenty of fresh air. You could also slip in a quick workout or walk by way of a break, and with your own kitchen facilities close by you can provide yourself with healthier snacks and meals while working.


As you can see working from home can be a wonderful solution to the issues of work-life balance faced by many women in today?s world. It?s great to be your own boss and enjoy the freedom that it brings.

Running a business from home has it?s definite plus points, but it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. Perhaps you can?t get to grips with having your workspace in your living space, and can never switch off.

Some women find working from home so hard, that they end up considering going back into employed work for the structure and boundaries.

You might feel it?s unprofessional to have your business based at home and have considered taking on some office space to run your business from, to give a more professional image.

If you struggle with any of these issues,?read my tips on how to make it work better for you!


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